HYVÄT’s values lay in Community, Information and Advocacy

This text is a written version of the speech given by HYVÄT’s 2019 chairperson Anton Saressalo at the association’s 5 year anniversary party. This is the last edition in the HYVÄT anniversary blog post series.

HYVÄT is an association of weird abbreviations. We are endlessly talking about doctoral schools like HYMY and YEB, doctoral programmes like SEDUCE and DOCPOP – and even the association’s name is an abbreviation. By now all of you should already know that it comes from the Finnish word “Helsingin yliopiston itöskirjatutkijat”, University of Helsinki PhD Students.

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HYVÄT becomes a recognised part of the university

In this third part of HYVÄT’s anniversary blog series Julia von Boguslawski, the 2017 chairperson of HYVÄT, writes about the most significant developments during her time in the board.

When I was accepted as a PhD student at the university of Helsinki in the autumn 2014, I knew practically no other PhD students and had no clue about how I should tackle this whole PhD business. When I heard that there was an association for PhD students at the university that seemed like a good place to start – and it sure was. Before I knew it, I was elected secretary for the board of 2015 when Tommi Tenkanen was our chair and continued the next year when Fanny Johansson was chair, and in 2017 it was my turn to chair the association. After that I have stayed active as an officer of the board. During these years, I have had the opportunity to develop the association together with a bunch of awesome board members.

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The first years of the PhD association

This text is the second part of HYVÄT’s anniversary blog series. This story by Tommi Tenkanen, the second chairperson of HYVÄT (then HYJO).

As I started doing my PhD in the beginning of 2014, I was exactly in the right place at the right time. As Harri Waltari described in his previous blog post I, among others, stepped in exactly at the right time to become involved in the founding of the association. Continue reading “The first years of the PhD association”

Prehistory of the PhD association

This text is the first part of HYVÄT’s anniversary blog series. This story by Harri Waltari, the first chairperson of HYVÄT (then HYJO).

My history with the doctoral student community within the University of Helsinki starts long before I was a doctoral student myself. I became the secretary of academic affairs at the Student Union in August 2006. There were two secretaries and as I came from a research intensive field myselft, I took the resposibilities concerning research and graduate education.

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