PhD representative elections 2019 – candidates

The application period for the PhD representative elections ended on 14.10.2019, after which an extended call was opened between 16.10.2019 – 18.10.2019. After these calls, there are over 60 applicants, which means that many of the positions will be voted on. Some of the positions got the same amount of candidates as there are representatives, so no vote is needed. However, there are also 11 Doctoral Programmes with one or two candidates missing.

There will be an election with voting in those steering groups, where there were more candidates than positions. You can cast your votes between October 29th – November 7th (18:00). Everyone currently enrolled in the Doctoral School/Programme with election has one vote per steering group. The votes will be given electronically and anonymously via elomake. More info will follow to your email address when the voting starts.

See the status & candidates of each steering group on their distinct pages:

See also HYVÄT’s election blog for insight on being a PhD representative.