Supervisor prize

Supervisor is one of the most important figures during a PhD candidate’s journey towards their goal. This is why it is extremely important for the supervisor to take the task seriously and make sure that the supervisee has the best possible guidance during while preparing the dissertation.

There are as many kinds of supervisors as there are supervisees. Each pair has to find their own way of working. Still HYVÄT has listened to its audience ( and released suggested guidelines on what good supervising generally means.

HYVÄT Guidelines for Supervision Agreements

Now it is time to put in front the good supervision practices and show that following them really is worth it – everyone benefits.

Please give below the name of an exeptionally good supervisor you have met or heard of and justify what makes that person this good. The proposed person does not need to be your supervisor, but naturally you need to know them well enough to be able to justify your choise.

You can give your proposals until the end of September, after which HYVÄT’s small council will go through the candidates and make a selection. There will also be a lottery between everyone who gave a proposal and their name.