The program for the 2011 course:

18.1  Introductory lecture

19.1  Lecture: Epistemology, ontology and conceptions of human being

25.1 Text seminar: Hans-Georg Gadamer, ”Foundations of a Theory of Hermeneutical Experience: 1. The Elevation of the Historicality of Understanding to the Status of Hermeneutical Principle” (from Truth and Method, 1960, translation 1975). Presentation: Daria Gritsenko

26.1 Text seminar: Charles Taylor, “Self-Interpreting Animals” (from Human Agency and Language, Philosophical Papers 1, 1985). Presentation: Lisa Muszynski

1.2  Text seminar: Anthony Giddens, “Introduction”, “Elements of the Theory of Structuration”, “A Reiteration of Basic Concepts” (from The Constitution of Society, 1984). Presentation: KK.

2.2 Cancelled

8.2  Text seminar: Susan Hekman, “Weber’s Ideal Type: A Contemporary Reassessment” (from Polity 1983). Presentation: Yulia Papanova.

Optional: Brian Fay “General Laws and Explaining Human Behaviour” (from Martin & McIntyre (eds) Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science, 1994).

9.2 Text seminar: Peter Manicas, “A Realist Social Science” Presentation: Veronica Salovaara. Douglas V. Porpora, “Four Concepts of Social Structure” Presentation: Hiromitsu Makino. Both from Archer, Bhaskar, Collier, Lawson & Norrie (eds) Critical Realism: Essential Readings, 1998.

15.2 & 16.2 Sessions cancelled

22.2 Text seminar: Sandra Harding, “Feminist Standpoints” (from Handbook of Feminist Research, 2007). Presentation: Vilma Lehtinen.

23.2 Text seminar: Susan Hekman, “ Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited” and Sandra Harding, “Comment on Hekman’s “Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited”: Whose Standpoint Needs the Regimes of Truth and Reality?” (both from The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader, 2004). Presentation: Ilona Steiler.

29.2 cancelled

1.3 Text seminar: Brian Fay, “The Values of Critical Social Science” (from Critical Social Science, 1987). Presentation: Charles Sona. James Bohman, “Critical Theory as Practical Knowledge: Participants, Observers, and Critics” (from Turner & Roth (eds) The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 2003). Presentation: KK. David Owen, “Criticism and Captivity: On Genealogy and Critical Theory” (from European Journal of Philosophy 10:2, 2002). Presentation: Henni Alava and Liisa-Maija Quist.

2.3 Workshop on Interdisciplinary Science (see separate page)

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