18th May 2018 at 14.15 in E204: Mark Hindmarsh

Our final colloquium for the spring semester will be held on 18th May. Our speaker will be Mark Hindmarsh, professor of theoretical physics at the University of Sussex, and visiting professor at Helsinki. His work is principally concerned with the exciting topic of gravitational waves produced in the early universe, and so the title of his talk is Higgs Fizz in the Big Bang. Exceptionally, his talk will be in E204.

Here is his abstract:

About 10 picoseconds after the beginning of the Universe, the Higgs field turned on. In extensions of the Standard Model of particle physics, this could have been a first order phase transition, with bubbles of the Higgs phase expanding and colliding at relativistic speeds.  I will discuss how the Higgs “fizz” generates gravitational radiation, prospects for observing the radiation at the future space-based gravitational wave detector LISA, and outline how LISA complements the LHC as a probe of physics beyond the Standard Model.

After the 30 minute talk, there will be a cocktail reception. Welcome!

Update 21.5.2018: Mark’s slides are available to download here.