29th May 2020 at 15.15: Shohini Ghose, The quantum revolution

Following the success of our first online Physics Colloquium, we will have a second colloquium to be given by Shohini Ghose. In her colloquium, entitled The quantum revolution, Shohini will give an overview on the state-of-the-art in quantum computing.

Shohini Ghose is Professor in Physics & Computer Science at the Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, as well as Founding Director of the Laurier Centre for Women in Science, President of the Canadian Association of Physicists and a TED Senior Fellow. Her research is in the area of quantum information science – the study of how the laws of quantum physics can be harnessed to transform computation and communication, and to develop novel tasks such as teleportation.

The event will be held on Friday 29.05.20 at the exceptional time of 15:15, on the following University Zoom meeting:
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Meeting ID: 68558909770

Here is her abstract:

Quantum physics has already transformed society by enabling our current computing technologies as well as our communications systems and the internet. The next quantum revolution may lead to game-changing quantum computers and a quantum internet. This presentation provides an overview of current developments in the field and the potential impact on science and society.

In the spirit of our usual cocktail reception, we encourage all attendees to join us with a glass of your favourite tipple. Cheers!