A Blog by Any Other Name

I realised that as I now intend to blog mostly in English anyway, it was a little silly to retain my Finnish site title and tagline (Paikkatieteilyä ja kartografiaa: Maantietäväisen päiväkirja)—as much as I liked the word play. So I changed them. But I think that I actually managed to mimic the same spirit at least to some extent in the new ones. Finnish-English bilinguals: please feel free to judge my poetisation!

Nature: ‘Oil Recovery May Have Triggered Texas Tremors’

This is more geology than gegraphy, but not too far off: Nature reports that oil recovery by fracking and—more specifically—by injecting CO2 may have caused significant earthquakes (magnitude 3 to 4.4) in Texas, on an area that for a long time has been relatively earthquake-free. The research suggests that injecting CO2 into saline aquifiers—a proposed carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology—could lubricate and thus destabilise undetected faults.

Mekong, Irrawaddy, Red River, Salween, Yangtze Might Have Once All Been One

The Economist runs an interesting article about the five great rivers of East Asia, namely Mekong, Irrawaddy, the Red River, Salween and Yangtze—of which three have their tributaries on the Tibetan Plateau—might have about 45 million years ago all been one even greater river flowing to the South China Sea roughly following the contemporary course of the Red River, but that have since been separated by the fault movements.

Back to studying, back to blogging—and a liftoff to Mars

As I wrote in my very first post on this blog, my original motivation for blogging back then arose from the requirements of a specific course (Geographical data acquisition, analysis and cartography) in Open University of the University of Helsinki. But now I’m no longer studying in the Open University, but have since become a ”real” university student in the University of Helsinki (yay!), majoring (of course!) in geography. While technically a freshman, I’ve already completed all the basic studies in my major subject during my OU studies.

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PAK: Kurssikerta 7 – viimeistä viedään

Viimeisellä kurssikerralla oli tarkoitus tuottaa karttaesitys itse hankitusta aineistosta. Aineiston tuli olla mikä tahansa alue, joka jakaantuu 20–30 osa-alueeseen. Alueista tuli olla saatavana tilastotietoa ja kartta-aineistoa. Aineistoa tuli olla vähintään kahden muuttujan tarpeiksi, eli laadittavan kartan tai karttojen tuli olla vähintään kaksimuuttujaisia.

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PAK: Kurssikerta 6

Toiseksi viimeisellä kurssikerralla harrastettiin happihyppelyä sateliittipaikannin kädessä, eli luettiin pisteitä maastosta, joiden tuominen Mapinfoon ja esittäminen kartalla käytiin sitten läpi. Lisäksi harjoiteltiin geokoodaamista ja tehtiin lopuksi varsinaisena harjoitustehtävänä karttoja maanjäristysten alueellisesta esiintymisestä, jossa piti tarkastella aihetta opetusnäkökulmasta.

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