My research interests lie in the intersection of demography, sociology and public health. A substantial part of my research interests are associated with changes and causes of socioeconomic differences in cause-specific mortality (link) (1,2). However, I am also interested in other population sub-group differences in health; these relate in particular to the effects of marital status(3) and widowhood(4) on health, unemployment and mortality(5,6), and the effects of households(7) and area characteristics (8,9) on health.

I am also involved in cross-national comparisons of health inequalities. (link) These have been partly carried out under the auspices of various EU-funded consortiums(10,11) , partly in collaboration with the Helsinki Health Study and the Whitehall II Study(12,13). Also more focused collaborations are being carried out with Norwegian(14) and US(15) collaborators.

I have a more recent interest in the consequences of population ageing. (link) A backbone for this research is an EU-funded project on living arrangements and care in ageing populations. Within this project our interests lie with formal (institutional)(16,17) and informal (family)(18,19) care, elderly households(20) and use of formal care in the years preceding death.

My most recent project tries to understand the accumulation of poor health and labour market disadvantage in households and across generations. (link)

See my CV and project homepages for further details.

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