Podcasting 5: Wrap it up

Final words of wisdom from Lotta Vuorio.

On the final episode we are going to look back at the previous episodes and what we’ve learned from them. 

As the quest of the final episode,  we have associate professor in European studies, Josephine Hoegaerts who has designed the course that is connected to this podcast series.

FIND THE EPISODE HERE: https://soundcloud.com/podcast-in-podcast/6-podcast-in-podcast-with-josephine-hoegaerts-and-lotta-vuorio



00:20 Introduction

02:45 What was the idea and aim for creating the course material for podcasting?

05:25 What advantages there are in podcasting?

07:00 What did Lotta learn from producing this podcast series?

10:25 What did we all learn from the first episode when it comes to scholarly work and argumentation?

11:25 What did we all learn from episode #2?

13:40 What did we all learn from  episode #3?

16:00 What did we all learn from episodes #4 and 5#?

22:05 Sharing the best tricks and worst failures when doing this podcast series!