Dancing Rehearsals & The Ball

Dancing is a wondeful part of the Solemn Conferment festivities.

Here you can find information about the dancing rehearsals and the festive ball event related to the Solemn Conferment.

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During the Solemn Conferment Ball the following dances are perfomed:

  • Honorary guest polonaise
  • Doctorate polonaise
  • Master franseesi dance
  • Festive dances

Waltz follows every one of these dances.

The ball is started with the traditional dance; honorary guest polonaise. People such as promotor and honorary doctors participate in it. Then the the newly-confermed Doctors dance the Doctor polonaise. (Note that everyone participating in the Doctor polonaise is required to be dressed in black). Polonaise dances are rehearsed during the dance rehearsals (see details below on this page).

Following the polonaise, the Master Franseesi will be next. It is a very aesthetically pleasing dance, and the aim is to form patterns on the dance floor. However, the dance in itself is not hard to learn.

Festive dances are next. Everyone can participate with the pairs that are collected to the dance cards during the evening. (Dance cards will be given to everyone that arrive to the Old Student House).

Festive dances are:

  • Krakowiak
  • Pas d’Espagne
  • Valse Mignon
  • Cicapo
  • Grande Valse.
  • As always, a waltz follows each and every one of these dances.

After the dances, the evening continues with a light dinner and other small festivities. Then it is the time to take the statue tour.



People that plan to participate in the franseesi dance reherseals must fill out a e-form before the 5th of May 2014. This way it can be guaranteed that everyone will have a dancing pair during the rehearsals.

  • You can fill the registeration form only on behalf of yourself OR behalf of both yourself and your partner.
  • The registeration is binding.
  • There are six rehearsals in total. Only one lesson can be skipped, and even then your partner has to participate and guide you both.
  • In addition to the franseesi dances, the general festive dances are also rehearsed. So you do not need to participate in the separate general festive rehearsals.

Dancing rehearsals are held in Alppila High School. Schedules for the rehearsals are listed below.

  • Please note that participating to the franseesi rehearsals is obligatory if you want to participate in the actual franseesi dances.
  • Participating to the general festive dance rehearsals is recommended to those who do no want to participate to the franseesi dance.
  • People who participate in the ‘franseesi’, dance of the Masters

Monday 12.5., 17–20 (3 h) (Festive hall of Alppila High School)
Wednesday 14.5., 17–20 (3 h) (Gymnastics Hall)
Sunday 18.5., 17–20 (3 h) (Festive hall)
Thursday 22.5., 17–19 (2 h) (Festive hall)
Monday 26.5., 17–19 (2 h) (Gymnastics Hall)
Wednesday 28.5.,17–19 (2 h) (Gymnastics Hall)

  • People who do not participate in the ‘franseesi’ (festive dances only)

Tueday 20.5., 17-19 (2 h) (Festive hall)
Wednesday 28.5., 19-21 (2 h) (Gymnastics Hall)



General festive dance rehearsals are held in the High School of Alppila. They are held two separate times, and all of the festive dances are rehearsed during the both of them. In other words, it is possible to be present during both times or then pick only one of the rehearsals according to your own schedules.

  • Tuesday 20.5., 17-19 (2 h) (Festive Hall)
  • Wednesday 28.5., 19-21 (2 h) (Gymnastics Hall)



The final rehearsal of the dances are held in the Old Student House on Monday, 2n of June, 17-20. Things suchs as entrances, orders and exits are rehearsed during it. Also the honorary guest and Doctor dances are rehearsed (that are not rehearsed in any of the other rehearsals).