Tips & Information

Here you can find some basic information and tips for the Solemn Conferment.




In addition to your possible avec (who attends all the conferment ceremonies with you) , you are also allowed to invite two relatives or friends to the Solemn Conferment Act on 11th June. The participation in the conferment act is free.  Please, let us know the names of your guests. Information of it will be updated later on this page.

  • Please, ask your guests to arrive at the Main Building of the University of Helsinki not later than (time will be updated later) so that they have time to find their seats in the Great Hall by given time (time will be updated later) At this moment, the doors will be closed, and opened again when the processions come into the hall and the ceremony is about to begin.
  • Advise your guests also to obey the dress code of the conferment.  Women wear black or dark, long or short, long-sleeved and high-necked festive dress with black or dark shoes. Alternatively, they can wear black or dark trousers. Men wear black or dark suit, or alternatively tailcoat (with black waistcoat) and black shoes. Guests need no gloves in the conferment ceremony.
  • After the conferment act, the guests can also attend the church service or the secular event.



The conferment act will be photographed and videotaped by professional photographers. The photos and videos will be available for all conferees after the conferment ceremonies. Photographing or videotaping by any other person is not allowed in the conferment act.