The ProWo-project provides research-based ideas and models about how to advance students’ modern working life competences in university education.┬áDuring the project, teachers, students, and other stakeholders develop new ways to organize university courses based on collaborative knowledge creation, digital technology and cross-fertilization of practices with working life.

The main target groups are university teachers seeking new ways to promote students’ working life competences as well as university students advancing their own competencies. Teachers will regularly participate in pedagogical workshops, where concrete activities are planned in co-operation. Teachers will get both pedagogical and technical support for planning, pedagogical methods, digital technology and working-life contacts.

The project produces pedagogical guidelines and materials, templates and user experiences to be re-used in new educational settings.

The project belonged originally to the Network for Higher Education and Innovation Research (HEINE).

The research and development work of the ProWo project built on, e.g., the Knowledge Practices LABoratory project (KP-Lab), and the work has been continued in two subsequent projects: Promoting KNOwledge woRK practices in education (KNORK) and ARgumentative Online Inquiry in building students’ knowledge work competencies (ARONI).