Session 1. Life expectations and inequality

Susana Ortega Alcantara: The Yaqui: defense of a river, territory and identity. Discourse analysis of the struggle for the Yaqui River (2010-2016), ethnic political identity and coexisting knowledges

Emma Villman: ‘I only wish for a normal life’: Aspirations and dreams among Finnish prisoners prior to release from prison

Jonna Alava: Militarized youth in Russia

Valeriia Peshko: Challenging inequality in business history: critical summary of approaches

Session 2. Disparity of politics

Karoliina Hurri: The western expectations for China’s climate leadership

Iida-Maria Tammi: Responding to Inequality in Armed Conflict: Politisation of humanitarian aid as a challenge to equitable access to services

Ran Goren: Doctoral Research Plan – “Born Equal, Unequal as We Grow? The Relation between Population Size and Public Opinion on Equality”

Keshia D’silva: Defining dangers to women: a social representations approach to women’s rights campaigns of advocacy organizations in India

Session 3. Employment and class

Saska Heino: Class structure and changing income inequality in Finland, 1960-2005

Petri Roikonen: The ‘Real’ Land of Opportunity? Intergenerational Persis-tence of Class in Finland from the 18th to the 21st century

Joel Kilpi: Digging Through “The Richest Hill on Earth”: Class Composition of Butte Finns, 1905-1914

Olivia Maury: Appropriating the Residence Permit System: Student-migrant-workers’ attempts to circumvent administrative borders

Session 4. Representations of unity, representations of inequality

Ilana Hartikainen: Polarization and populism in action: A discourse analysis of the 2019 Czech EP election on social media

Daniel Jenei: Narrative construction of collective victimhood: How should we talk about historical conflicts?

Niklas Söderman: Nation, people, and unity: Myths and narratives of nationalism in the face of social change

Zea Szebeni: Fake news! According to whom? – Differences in News Perception in Highly Polarized Societies

Session 5. Environment and consumption

Marjo Särkkä: Consumer awareness of EU Food quality labels and labels of origin in Finland

Jana Moritz: Challenges of cultured meat (Reserach Plan)

Anna Heikkinen: The Many Faces of Vulnerability: Water Governance, Local Conflicts and Environmental Change in the Peruvian Andes

Usman Ashraf: The politics of environmental governance and development in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

Session 6. How public policy constructs inequality?

Varvara Kobyshcha: “Ghetto” in Moscow: stigmatization of new large-housing estates in public and everyday discourse

Jutta Juvenius: How housing administrators frame and justify social housing in the era of retrenchment and critique?

Merja Kiiskinen: Epistemological culture and schooling: The effect of cultural beliefs in a process of unifying epistemology of Western style education system

Christopher Chagnon: Playing Favorites: Investigating Chinese Investment Policy in Africa