HUS/FACULTY OF MEDICINE JOINT DOCTORAL TRAINING POSITIONS STARTING IN 2016(FAQ’s in Finnish: Kliinikon vaihtoehdot palkallisille tutkijankoulutuspaikoille syyskuun 2015 haussa)

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Target group: Applicants who 1) have an employment contract with HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa), 2) are pursuing a specialist clinical degree at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, 3) have recently started working on the doctoral thesis (the applicant must obtain the right to pursue a doctoral degree in Medical Science or Dental Science at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki by the end of 2015), and 4) propose a thesis project that thematically fits into the scope of the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research are eligible to apply.
We welcome applications from talented clinicians who are interested in careers as clinical academics or clinician scientists.

Duration: 2 years, 6 months/year
The applicants are expected to commit to full time (100%) doctoral training for six months/year (min. two three month blocks/year) and to clinical work for the remaining six months of the same calendar year.

Eligibility: The applicant has completed a Licentiate of Medicine or Licentiate of Dentistry degree.
Selected applicants must obtain the right to pursue a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki by the end of 2015. Knowledge of either domestic language (Finnish or Swedish) and English is mandatory.

Commitment: The application must include a commitment letter signed by the 1) doctoral candidate, 2) doctoral thesis supervisor, 3) professor-in-charge of the specialist training program and 4) head of the clinical department where the applicant is enrolled in specialist training. In addition, the selected doctoral candidates are expected to provide a personal study plan indicating how the annual doctoral training period will be integrated with clinical work.

Employment: The employment contract will be arranged with HUS. The salary of the doctoral training period (6 months/year for 2 years) funded by the Faculty of Medicine is based on the salary system of academic researchers in HUS and depends on the appointee’s qualifications and experience. No increments are included in the salary.
Application and selection process

An excellent application should

  • Demonstrate that the applicant is motivated and driven with the potential to develop into an independent researcher in the field of clinical medicine
  • Propose a thesis supervisor that can provide adequate supervision, research project funding, mentoring and scientific training of the doctoral candidate
  • Contain a scientifically sound and well planned thesis project which thematically fits in the scope of the doctoral programme
  • Demonstrate that the research project can be completed within the intended timeframe (i.e. the results achieved are relative to the stage of the project)