Vierailijaluento 28.2.2019 Psykiatriakeskuksessa

Luento: Are innovative approaches of Unipolar Depression possible? Pharmacotherapy and recurrence (prevention) revisited.

klo 13:00 – 14:00, Psykiatriakeskus, Auditorium Christian Sibelius

Luennoija: Dr Henricus G (Eric) Ruhe is a clinical epidemiologist and expert psychiatrist in the treatment of (treatment resistant) depressive disorders. In addition to his clinical work he is experienced in clinical trials, intervention research and meta-analyses. He is specially interested in the underlying mechanisms of disease in affective disorders. He therefore uses neuroimaging, neuropsychological tests, extensive laboratory testing and Ecological Momentary Assessments as methods to obtain insight in neurobiological factors of depression.

As principal investigator, Dr Ruhe received (or participated in) several prestigious (inter-)national grants from Zon-Mw, the Hersenstichting, EU Horizon 2020 and het Netwerk Kwaliteitsontwikkeling GGZ. He closely collaborates with (inter-)national researchers (amongst others at the University of Oxford) and was a honorary senior research fellow at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Oxford. Dr Ruhe (co-)authored more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, 20 chapters in books and has been editor of four books. He supervises/supervised 9 PhD students in his group.

In 2011, Dr Ruhe initiated the DELTA-neuroimaging study including specific neuropsychological measurements and functional MRI-scanning in remitted unmedicated MDD-patients (≥2 episodes) and healthy controls. In 2016 he obtained a grant from the Hersenstichting (Dutch Brain foundation) to develop a second generation recurrence prevention program (SMARD) in which he will be using (amongst others) Smartphone technology and cognitive training. For this project, he will also apply whole-brain computational modeling techniques on network connectomics which he learnt during his stay at the University of Oxford.

Dr Ruhe is a member of the executive board of the international Society of Affective Disorders (ISAD), participates/participated in the scientific committees of various national and international conferences (ECNP 2105, ISBD-ISAD 2016, 2019 NVvP 2013-2015). He regularly teaches colleagues, at a national and international level, e.g. in the ECNP School of Neuropsychopharmacology.

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