Producing, reproducing and eradicating the psychiatric stigma



The article is comprised of a theoretical essay and the qualitative illustration of an episode that took place in the psychotherapeutic process with a woman diagnosed as having a psychotic illness. Starting point is Michel Foucault’s view of the development of the scientific psychiatry. He claims that at the same time when madness was interpreted as a mental disease, the dialogue with “madness” has been silenced. The dialogue about madness took its place. Following Jukka Aaltonen’s original idea both psychosis and its recovery can be conceptualized with the help of the three-partite understanding of a sign by Charles Sanders Peirce. Bringing all together, the article claims that the dumbed dialogue can be revitalized in a dialogical process where indexical signs become transformed and returned to the symbolic universe. Additionally, the article underlines that the recovery of a psychotic illness also requires restoring of the silenced dialogue and that this process might often be neglected in psychiatric care.

Timo Sampolahti: Producing, reproducing and eradicating the psychiatric stigma

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