Press conference in Tiedekulma Aleksi



Thursday, 10 March at 9:30-10:30 a.m. Press conference in Tiedekulma Aleksi (Aleksanterinkatu 7). Presentation of the research project Varieties of Democracy.

How can democracy be measured? What does democracies constitute of? And how is democracy connected to economic growth? Carl Henrik Knutsen, Professor in political science at the University of Oslo, presents the fresh results of the global Varieties of Democracy –research project. Discussing: Heikki Patomäki, Professor in world politics, University of Helsinki. Moderating: Academy researcher Hanna Wass, University of Helsinki. The press conference will be in English.

Varieties of democracy (V-Dem) is a large-scale, global research project involving social scientists working with issues related to the development of democracy, and its causes and effects. At the core of V-Dem is the compilation of the largest dataset on democracy-relevant indicators. The global dataset, which was made public on January 4th this year, includes around 400 democracy-relevant indicators, and numerous measures of different conceptions of democracy. The dataset currently extends from 1900 to today, and draws on the evaluation of about 3000 country experts across the world. The V-dem project involves scholars from different countries and continents, and its institutional homes are Gothenburg University in Sweden and the Kellogs Institute, University of Notre Dame in USA.

Carl Henrik Knutsen (Professor in Political Science, University of Oslo) will present the V-Dem project and some of the ground-breaking research associated with it. In addition to discussing the characteristics of the project and the dataset, Knutsen will present findings from some of the V-Dem research he has been associated with. More specifically, he will discuss new findings on the role that strong parties play in generating economic growth (both in autocracies and democracies), and findings on how economic developments seems to enhance the electoral aspect of democracy (especially clean/free and fair elections) but not necessarily other aspects such as the protection of civil liberties.”

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