8.) Writing in general; Week 2

Hello everyone! It is once again time to post last week’s writing task for you to gobble. This new text got it’s inspiration from the previous week’s video that told about the “Single story about Africa”. I, as a educational sciences student, have also faced similar prejudices about teaching and teacher’s profession. The topic really provokes my feelings and I have a lot to say about it. That is why the writing process felt quite natural, and I think I managed to pull trough a fairly good piece of work. Although, I completely lost the first draft and had to start over. But here it is, enjoy!


A single story about teaching

School institution and teaching are in a vortex of constant revolution. As society’s expectations increase continuously, teachers face even more difficulties coping in their daily work, growing their workload unreasonably. However, the reverence towards them doesn’t encounter with that. People seems to have a very black and white preconceptions about school world and teaching. Outsiders tend to think school only as a chaos where pupils scurry around while teacher lectures to them about some math problem that nobody really cares. However, every time I hear someone spreading this single story about teaching, I start to see red. Not because I am angry to that unaware person, but because I am angry to the society that still plants these misconceptions. We, as teachers, have already made a huge difference, but the process is still on going. We want to increase people’s awareness about what teaching and being a teacher means these days. How it is not just teaching, but raising, caring, supporting, guiding and most of all loving. How every single decision we make as teachers, is considered and has a deeper meaning. How hard we work, but we do it for all those children, so that they would have the teacher they deserve.

Despite the educational work that has been done to break the circle, single story about teachers is in many factual connections still alive and well. Too many times I have heard third parties making their own definitions about how a teacher should be, who is fit to be a teacher. I have not been spared either. Sometimes I am too quiet and shy while sometimes people question my possibilities to be competent at teaching. Then again, some people might not say it directly, but you can still hear it from their voices. The most heard comment is probably “Good luck with your chosen path”. And that would be a nice wish, without that sarcastic tone. It is hard finding your own way, when there are always people around you, doubting and questioning you and your life choices. Nevertheless, I am determined to show them all what we teachers are made of and how hard we have to work every day to reach our goals.


ALMS hours spent (support group & writing): 4,5h

ALMS hours remaining: 46

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