15.) Epilogue

Hello everyone, sadly for the last time. This ALMS course is coming to an end and it is time for me to reflect a little bit about this past autumn. Thank you all for reading my blog, hope you have enjoyed it! This autumn has been exceptionally long and industrious. I could not be any […]


14.) To Kill a Mockingbird

I haven’t yet told you about book club -support group I had earlier this autumn. The support group already ended in the first period but because I hadn’t been able to read the book as much as a should have been, I decided to keep reading and tell you about it little later. Now that […]


13.) Translation; Week 4

It is also time for the last translations. Exceptionally this week we translated two texts from English into Finnish. Other one is a half-formal interview and another a research report.  So, here you go, enjoy!   Haastattelussa Mary Ellen Rudin cmj_mary_ellen_rudin.pdf Mary Ellen Rudin kasvoi pienessä Teksasilaisessa kaupungissa, mutta ponnisti suuren kansan tietoisuuteen matematiikan alalla. […]


12.) Writing in general; Week 4

This week I wanted to try something a little different and wrote a job application. After my previous week’s story, I wanted to write something a bit more formal but also practical. So here it is, my last writing in general -text.   Application for the job of a class teacher I am Satu, 25-year-old […]