12.) Writing in general; Week 4

This week I wanted to try something a little different and wrote a job application. After my previous week’s story, I wanted to write something a bit more formal but also practical. So here it is, my last writing in general -text.


Application for the job of a class teacher

I am Satu, 25-year-old and a recently graduated class teacher, now seeking my first full-time job. I am by nature a lively, diligent and caring person. I am 100% committed to this job, that really is not just a job for me. I have always enjoyed working with children of all age. I see them as my equals, and as a teacher I really want to create an atmosphere where pupils may express themselves freely, feeling that their thoughts and utterances are appreciated. I want school to be a place where all children can feel safe, cared and respected, so that they can grow and learn in peace. Even if everything is not right at home, school should always be a pleasant place to come.


Me as a teacher

I studied educational psychology as my main subject at the University of Helsinki, and it shows in the way I like to teach. I want to practise child-oriented teaching, which contains phenomenon-based projects and other methods to integrate subjects. I want to highlight pupil’s meaning as an active operator, as an independent producer of information. I see internal motivation as a key factor for learning and what could be better motivator than generating feelings of ownership towards the matter. Therefore, in my future work I would like to further the communality between teachers and pupils of all classes. I want to disclose the concept of multi-teaching. It means harnessing the strengths of each teacher in the name of the common good. I see that close cooperation of teachers is crucial while building a coherent school community.


My study history

Last spring, I graduated from Helsinki University with master’s degree in education. The topic of my master’s thesis was “Mathematical development in childhood and learning disabilities”. I studied mathematical development of children aged 7-10 and discovered what kind of learning disabilities occurs the most in children of that age. I also completed mathematical subject studies during my master’s studies. Therefore, I am as well qualified teacher of mathematics.

In addition to the baccalaureate, I have also graduated from a business school. During my university studies, I operated on the board of the student organisation. My commission was to handle the financial affairs of the organisation. I conducted for instance accounting, invoicing and budgeting and completed the financial statement of the organisation for two years. During that time, I also participated in arranging multiple student events.


My working experience

I have worked as a substitute teacher in several different primary schools for the last three years. I worked while studying a few shifts a week. During that time, I taught all of the subjects that are taught in elementary school, but especially mathematics and Finnish.

Besides teaching, I have also worked as a salesperson in a hardware store. In that job, my duties were very varied, including everyday sales tasks, shelving, answering the phone, printing of workwear and handling online shop -orders.

In my spare time, I coach 6-10-year olds in volleyball. I currently have five years of experience in coaching and I find that experience to be extremely beneficial also in teaching. It has taught me group management and lesson planning skills, but I have also got a good idea of what it is like to work with children of that age.


Why should I be hired

Even though I am a new teacher, with my substitute work I have seen what kind of teacher’s work really is and I have a really realistic picture about it. Regardless, I am still committed and motivated while facing all of the challenges to come. As a recent graduate, I actually have so many new ideas that I cannot wait to put into practice.

As a person, I am punctual and industrious but yet caring and compassionate. I do my job conscientiously, so you can always count on me. I get along well with all kinds of people and teamwork is familiar and natural for me. Although I am a bit of a perfectionist, I always aim to reach a common agreement. I think that the dialog between teachers is crucial and I value transparency in a work community. Only that way, we can guarantee pupils the best possible environment for growth.

Thank you for your time. I will wait for your contact.


ALMS hours spent:

Group session x2: 3h

Writing: 4h

ALMS hours remaining: 25h

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