Organisers and Collaborators

Emilia Mataix Ferrandiz (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies)

I defended my PhD in Roman law in March, 2014 (University of Alicante and Facolta di giurisprudenza Palermo) concerning the criminal liability for shipwrecking. I finished my second PhD in archaeology concerning the epigraphy of merchandise at the Universities of Southampton and Lyon 2 la lumiere, related to the Portus limen project. I am currently conducting my own research project in the Helsinki Collegium for advanced studies, where I have been awarded a fellowship of two years. The project, entitled “Materialising and tracing Roman sea trade law (2nd cent BC-3rd cent AD) provides a link between epigraphy, archaeology, Classics and law. I aim to understand legal procedures from an anthropological point of view and thinking what do the parties in trade aimed to achieve by using certain legal mechanisms or practices.  By studying legal evidence and its material manifestations, I also aim to investigate the ways the imperial system helped generate new regional cultures and, in turn, the way in which these cultures helped define the faces of Rome. I am also combining my own research project with a collaboration with the ERC project under the direction of Professor Kaius Tuori, “Spaces of Roman Republicanism”.