Introducing Reason and Recognition research

Yesterday we had an opportunity to discuss our research with the Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, Thomas Wilhelmsson, and vice rector Keijo Hämäläinen.


After presenting the research themes together with Outi Lehtipuu, Risto Saarinen introduced the CoE members. Then we heard Janne Mattila and Ritva Palmén talk about their individual topics on medieval latin and arabic philosophy.


Minna Hietamäki also told us about her work closely related with the research themes in the context of The Lutheran World Federation. It seems evident that the concept of recognition can be fruitfully applied in various situations – ecumenical issues included.

Saarinen also presented his new web pages linked to the Research Database TUHAT, and Joona Salminen continued by officially launching the CoE’s own web pages. We then had time for free discussion. Books from international publishers by CoE members were also on display in the Faculty Hall where the meeting took place.

Read also Heikki J. Koskinen’s post about the meeting with more pictures.