On Dialogue and Reconciliation – Exploring New Avenues

CoE in ‘Reason and Religious Recognition’in cooperation with Al Amana Centre and Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission organizes a workshop at the Faculty of Theology 16 August 2018, 13.00–17.00

13.00–13.15 Welcome and opening words
13.15–13.45 Risto Saarinen: Recognition – from Theory to Practice
13.45–14.15 Tanja Viikki: What Role Does Religion Play in Dialogue and Peace-
building? Experiences and Learnings
14.15–14.45 Aaro Rytkönen: Building Peace, Trust and Reconciliation: Al Amana
Centre and Its Mission
14.45–15.15 Coffee break
15.15–16.45 Panel discussion: What Is Reconciliation?
Panelists: Risto Saarinen, Tanja Viikki, Aaro Rytkönen, Sara Gehlin; Chair: Anna-Liisa Tolonen

Practical Information
The workshop takes place at the Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, in the Faculty Hall (Vuorikatu 3, 5th floor). Coffee will be served for all participants. The first language used in the workshop is English, but participants may also present their comments and questions in Finnish.
The workshop is open only by invitation.