Research Plan in Sum

The Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition aims to discover historical patterns and elaborate systematic models of rational recognition and mutual tolerance in religious world-views.

The key question is how religious groups have accepted or recognised other social actors, and how religions have been accepted in different societies. The CoE uses both historical and philosophical research methods.

The goal of the CoE is to write the first comprehensive historical report on the development of religious recognition. The researchers strive to map out the historical development of religious thinking and behaviour as well as to create the kinds of models of religious recognition for today which could help increase mutual respect in a multicultural society.

The research results will be of particular benefit in discussion processes and conflict resolution situations between religions, but also between religion and secular society. Thus one of the goals is to present the academic basis for the idea that despite their differences, all religions can share an understanding of the potential and limits of rational discussion. In addition, the project will seek to gain a better understanding of the treatment of different minorities (ethnic, sexual, religious).