PhD students


Heli Hyvönen: Mothering migrants: Finns in Estonia and Estonians in Finland. Dept of Social Policy, University of Helsinki

Anna-Maria Isola: Fertility rhetoric in Russia and Finland.  Dept of Social Policy, University of Helsinki 

Katja Kesseli: Fertility and social stratification in St Petersburg.

Meri Larivaara: Making reproductive medicine in St. Petersuburg.  A qualitative study of reproductive health services and views of gynaecologists. STAKES, Finland.  

Minna Nikula: Male contribution to reproductive health – contrasting Finland, Estonia and Russia, STAKES.


Laanpere Made: Factors influencing women ´s reproductive and sexual behaviour and choices in Estonia. 

Part Kai: Sexual maturation of youth and the use of reproductive health services. Noorte seksuaalne küpsemine ja reproduktiivtervise teenuste kasutamine


Regushevskaya Elena: The determinants of reproductive health problems among women in St. Petersburg

Dubikaytis Tatiana:

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