Welcome to the REMS blog!

No matter if you are a REMS student, a potential REMS student, or anyone else who is interested in the REMS programme, welcome to our new REMS blog. We will share valuable information about REMS study, student life, academic and possible career information here!

Everybody in the REMS programme is welcome to write posts for this blog. Possible topics are the programme itself, the courses you recommend, student life, funny activity you experience here, or life in Helsinki in general! We appreciate your ideas and great ideas worth spreading!

Here is the easy guide about how to post your “great piece” here ! As we would like to have regular posts in this blog (every 1-2 months), a Doodle page has been created where you can sign up for the particular month in which you would like to write an entry. The link can be found here:


Please note that with the sign-up, you commit yourself to write a post for that particular month. So just check the month for which you will really write a post (not all months where it would be possible for you to write something). We know that this is not how Doodle is generally used, but why not adapt it to our own needs? 🙂
After you have written your post, please send it to Brenda and Corinne (yiting.liu@helsinki.fi and corinne.isler@helsinki.fi) and we will then post it to the blog.

This blog will be a platfrom for everyone in and everyone interested in the REMS programme! The blog now is at the starting point and all of your interests surely will make it better!

Brenda and Corinne

Showroom on Thursday at Thinkcorner

You can find us from the University´s Showroom-event on Thursday 21 March, 2013 at Thinkcorner. More information on the event from Facebook