PhD, University Lecturer in Foreign Language Education
Docent (language assessment)

University of Helsinki,

Department of  Teacher Education

Research Group of  Foreign Language Education (ReFLEct)

P.O. Box 9 (5A  Siltavuorenpenger)

FIN-00014 Helsinki University

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Education and degrees

Candidate in Philosophy (Master`s) degree, University of Jyväskylä, 1981

Teacher Diploma, University of Helsinki, 1982

Licentiate in Education degree, University of Helsinki, 1997

Ph.D.(Education), University of Helsinki 2000

Language Proficiency

(self-assessed on The Common European Framework levels A1 – C2)

Finnish (mother tongue, C2-)

Swedish (C1 – C2)

English (B1 – B2)

Russian (B1)

German (A2 – B1)

Professional appointments

Teacher of Swedish,   1982 – 1990

Senior Lecturer in Swedish 1991 – 2003 University of Helsinki, The  Second Teacher Training School

University Lecturer in Language Education 2004 – , University of Helsinki, Department of Applied Sciences of Education

Diverse teaching assignments in-sevice teacher training courses and short courses in various foreign languages in Finland and abroad.

Research focus

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Projects and activities

  • research-based foreign language education (pre-service training of subject teachers) and support and supervision of student teachers
  • international standards and networking in European context of language education CEFTrain, CEF-Estim)
  • conducting research in assessment of oral proficiency as the leader of the HY-Talk project
  • designing a joint European master program for subject teacher education (as a partner of the JoMiTE project)
  • promoting subject teachers´pedagogical studies in English ( STEP project) at the Department of Teacher Education
  • developing national high-stakes language tests for upper secondary school leavers (as a member of the Swedish section of the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board)
  • developing and reforming foreign language education in general school education through a collaborative task-based endeavor OSKU (abreviated from the Finnish words for ´curriculum´ and ´culture´)

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music, singing in the mixed choir called Cantica

physical excercise (aerobic, running, Nordic walk)

movies, literature (especially on historical themes)

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