Responsible Investigator of the RIFISER project, University Researcher
janne nettiin final
Responsible Investigator Janne Nikkinen has a Title of Docent in Social Ethics, and currently works in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Helsinki as University Researcher with Academy funding. He has publications about health care rationing, ethics of nanotechnology and problem gambling. For Janne the moral dimensions of investing is of special interest, especially the application of ethical thinking in decision-making and on what ways the various moral frameworks of different actors have influence on investments.



Post-doc Researcher, Advisor (KPMG)
riikka nettiin final

Riikka Sievänen is Post-doc Researcher in University of Helsinki, Department of Economics and Management. In her daily work she is Advisor at KPMG Oy Ab in Advisory, Responsible Investment, Climate and Responsibility Business. Riikka’s research is focused on the drivers of responsible investment by institutional investors. She also conducts research on responsible agricultural investments with the focus of food security.



University Professor
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John Sumelius is professor in Production Economics and Farm Management. His expertise covers quite a broad range of issues relating to both farm level and sector level agricultural development and rural development. John’s particular research interests are the economic analysis of farms and rural industries, productivity, efficiency, rural livelihoods, food security, rural poverty, renewable resource policies, co-operatives and producer organizations. More recently issues of responsible investment within the agricultural and in the food sector has become his research interest.


University Professor
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Bert Scholtens is professor at the Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He also is a finance professor at the School of Management of the University of Saint Andrews, Scotland, UK. His research is directed at responsible finance and investing and at international financial intermediation.



Post-doc Researcher


Qiuzhen Chen is Post-Doctoral Researcher in University of Helsinki, Department of Economics and Management. Her research is directed at agricultural economics, especially in agricultural externality, multifunctionality, and sustainability, agricultural policy, agri-environmental issues, food security and rural development



Doctoral Student
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Viivi Wanhalinna is a PhD student in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and works on her dissertation on responsible investing in food industry”.  She is M. Sc. (Agriculture and Forestry) and M. Sc. (Food Sciences).  Her research interests include e.g. policy instruments related to climate friendly food consumption and production. Viivi thinks that food systems are amazingly complex systems. These systems have huge effect to the environment, but they also have social and economical implications. As a researcher Viivi is interested how the sustainability of food systems is taken into consideration when financing and investing in the food systems.


Doctoral Student
anna netti final

Anna Seppänen is a PhD student in theological ethics and social ethics. Seppänen’s focus is on business ethics. In her PhD thesis she analyzes the ethical prerequisites of sustainable corporate volunteerism. In RIFISER project she focuses on ethical analysis of responsible investment commitments and implication. Responsible investment is a great example of how financial actors are adopting other aims – e.g. environmental and social sustainability, egoistic and altruistic values – besides financial profitability. Seppänen is also a member of CoPassion research group.