Goals and objectives

The objective of the RISCAPE is to provide systematic, focused, high quality, comprehensive, consistent and peer-reviewed international landscape analysis report on the position and complementarities of the major European research infrastructures in the international research infrastructure landscape. To achieve this, RISCAPE will: The idea is thus to provide a report that is consistent and peer reviewed.
The main targets are research infrastructures complementary to the European ESFRI infrastructures
a.         Establish a close interaction with a stakeholder panel representing main user groups of the report, including representatives from ESFRI, OECD and Member state funding agencies to ensure usability and focus of the Report; See page on the Stakeholder panel
b.         Use close co-operation with other projects and initiatives in the European research infrastructures development to ensure consistency with the existing landscape work. Particularly, RISCAPE builds on the European Research Infrastructures (RIs) in the ESFRI landscape report (2016) and on the landscape analysis done in the H2020 cluster projects; See page on Connections
c.         Leverage the experts on the European RIs with extensive knowledge on the disciplines involved and RI development in the Europe. The RISCAPE project benefits on the contacts and tools developed in the cluster- and international RI collaboration projects to maximize the discipline-specific usability of the results. Key factor in the RISCAPE analysis is that the complementarities will be analyzed in a way which is natural and suitable for the discipline and RI in question; See partners
d.         The resulting Report and the used methods will be independently peer reviewed to maximize the usability and objectivity of the information provided for the EU strategic RI development and policy. See Methods
These objectives answer directly to the European Commission strategy on EU international cooperation in research and innovation, particularly on the need of objective information to implement the (EC) strategic approach.