Work Packages

The RISCAPE project consists of 11 work packages. The WPs 1 and 2 are central services for the diciplinary WPs 3-10. WP 11 is management and dissemination.

WP 1. Stakeholder interaction and Quality Assurance
Create and maintain the Stakeholder Panel interaction with RISCAPE project
Organize the project Quality Assurance via organizing an independent Peer Review
WP lead: APRE
Daniela Mercurio

WP participation:

WP 2. Common Methods and Consistency
Develop the RISCAPE Common Methodologies
Manage consistency of the RISCAPE report
Lorna Ryan

WP participation:

WP 3. Landscape analysis of pan-European infrastructures to the environmental international initiatives  WP lead: ICOS ERIC
Emmanuel Salmon
WP 4. Landscape analysis the international biomedical RIs and initiatives  WP lead: ECRIN
Christine Kubiak
WP 5. Landscape analysis of the international Physics and engineering RIs WP lead: ILL
William Sterling
Kurt Clausen
WP 6. Energy RI Landscape analysis WP lead::UTU
Jari Kaivo-oja
WP 7 Landscape analysis of the international astronomical and astro-particle RIs and similar initiatives WP lead: ASTRON
Rene Vermeulen
WP8 Social Sciences Landscape WP lead: ESS ERIC
Rory Fitzgerald
WP 9 Landscape analysis the international Cultural Heritage, Digital Humanities and Language RIs and initiatives  WP lead:PIN
Franco Niccolucci
WP 10 Landscape analysis of international e-infrastructure initiatives WP lead: EGI.EU
Roberta Piscitelli
WP 11 Management and dissemination  WP lead: UH
Ari Asmi