Sunflecks in the wind

Our improved capacity to measure rapid changes in the under-canopy light environment allows us to look closer at how plants use sunflecks to maximise carbon gain.

Our three recent publications below take the first steps towards describing the processes involved at the canopy level. The first defines sunflecks, the second explains how they are modified by a crop canopy, and the third considers how leaf morphology changes with light quality under the canopy.

Durand M, Matule B, Burgess A, Robson TM (2021) A method to identify and measure sunfleck properties from irradiance time series of fluctuating light in agricultural crop canopies. Ag. For Met. 308-309 108554

Burgess AJ, Durand M, Gibbs JA, Retkute R, Robson TM*, Murchie EH*. (2021) The effect of canopy architecture on the patterning of ‘windflecks’ within a wheat canopy. Plant Cell and Environment, 4411), 3524– 3537

Wang Q-W, Liu C, Robson TM, Hikosaka K, Kurokawa H (2021) Leaf density and chemical composition explain variation in leaf mass area with spectral composition among 11 widespread forbs in a common garden. Physiologia Plantarum. 173: 698–708

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