Group Members

T Matthew Robson – Principal Investigator (Helsinki University Webpage)
P1020794 CanSEE Group Leader – studying the effects of the changing spectral composition of  light in forests and its implications for plant ecology and ecophysiology, and ecosystem processes. link to projects
Craig Brelsford – PhD Student 2015-2019 (Helsinki University Webpage)

Researching how spectral quality signals in forest canopies coordinate understorey phenology and feed-forward to optimise light use efficiency and carbon assimilation at the stand level?

Craig’s Publications

Saara M Hartikainen PhD Student 2015-2020
(Helsinki University Webpage) Research Assistant 2011-2015

The effect of canopy identity and location on solar radiation penetrating forest stands during spring phenology and how these changes affect UV-screening and phenology of the forest understorey species.

Saara’s Publications

Marta Pieristè – PhD Student 2016-2020 (Helsinki University Webpage)
Joint thesis with U. Rouen, funded by the region of Normandy

How does the sunlight penetrating forest canopies affect leaf traits during growth and decomposition to affect annual water use & carbon assimilation? The mediation of ecosystem processes by spectral composition.

Marta’s Publications

Twinkle Solanki – PhD Student 2017-2021 (Helsinki University Webpage)

Upscaling the Optical Properties of leaves to model their contribution to canopy light use efficiency and carbon assimilation over vertical and horizontal profiles of spectral irradiance

Twinkle’s Publications

David Israel PhD Student 2015-2019 (Helsinki University Webpage)
MSc Alumni & Research Assistant 2011-2015

The role of aquaporins in functional plant water relations.

David’s Publications