Alumni & Visitors

Craig Brelsford – PhD Student 2015-2020 (Helsinki University)

Researching how spectral quality signals in forest canopies coordinate understorey phenology and feed-forward to optimise light use efficiency and carbon assimilation at the stand level?

Craig’s Publications

Titta K Kotilainen – Now Senior Scientist with Luke – Finnish Natural Resources Institute

Post Doc Researcher 2015-2018
Researching light conditions in greenhouses and under polytunnels, developing and validating site-specific modelled solar irradiance to work along varying conditions and environments.


Jakub Nezval Biochemist at the University of Ostrava.

JakubCrop Visiting Post Doc, 2013, 2014 & 2016.
Communication by parent and ramets as evidence for light foraging in strawberries under a patchy UV radiation.

Marieke Trasser – Now PhD Student with the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna

Graduate Research Assistant at Lammi Biological Station (March – August 2017) Master’s Exchange Student (University of Montpelier)
Photoreceptor mediated responses to UV radiation and blue light in the forest understorey and under controlled conditions.
Marieke Trasser and Santa Neimane putting out UV filters in Lammi Biological Station Research Forest

Santa Neimane – (University of Helsinki)

Santa Neimane and Twinkle Solanki taking measurements of <em>Vaccinium vitis-idaea</em> in June 2017 at Hyytiala Forestry Research Station in central Finland Graduate Research Assistant (Sept 2016 – Dec 2017) Researching spectral quality effects on the photodegradation of autumn leaves from trees during their senescence.

Marie Musiolková – Plant-Atmosphere Interactions, University of Ostrava, Czechia.

PhD Exchange; Nov 2014, Feb & Nov 2015
The role of seasonal atmospheric pollution in manipulating spectral composition of sunlight for plants growing in affected areas of Ostrava.

Antti Takolander –  Completed PhD in Ecology at Helsinki University

Viikkii December 2011 002 University of Helsinki Research Trainee 2012
Fitness related traits of European beech provenances growing beyond their northern range limit in Helsinki

 Alexandra Chatelet – Polytechnic Clermont Ferrand

 Master Exchange Student 2011
Effects of water stress and shade/sun environmental treatments on seedlings of two Nothofagus species
Helsinki June 2011 017

Virva Lyytikainen – University of Aberdeen (Research Assistant in Helsinki 2018)

Effects of spacing and variety on leaf optical properties and spectral irradiance penetrating a wheat canopy.

Francisco Ferrera Cobos – CIEMAT, Madrid (3-month, PhD Student Exchange, 2020)

Modelling atmospheric & climatic factors affecting plant-available light across Spain.

Pasi PoutaUndergraduate Trainee at the University of Helsinki (Research Assistant in the French Alps, 2015)

Temporal patterns in leaf pigmentation under forest canopies and under high solar irradiance in the sub-alpine zone.

Paulina MastalerzUniversity College Cork, (Erasmus Exchange Honours, Summer 2014)

The effects of different light qualities on the growth, development and pigment content of wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca)

Rozenn Pineau – Honours Exchange Student Summer 2016 (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Research Internship at Lammi Biological Station – Effects of simulated herbivory on leaf pigments and flavonoids in Sorbus aucuparia (rowen/mountain ash) with northerly or southerly exposure.