Public Engagement

Explanatory video for Fascination of Plants Day

Our students David Israel and Marta Pieriste have created the video below introducing the work of our research group. Let us know what you think!

Lammi Research Nature Trail

We have designed some research activities for visitors to Lammi Research Nature Trail, at Lammi Biological Station in central Finland.  These activities represent a fun way for visitors to engage with scientific research and are designed to stimulate the public to think about the value of nature and forests in new ways.  Such activities also have the potential to provide valuable datasets for researchers like ourselves.

The Canopy Phenology Activity allows participants to assess changes in forest canopy cover through the year. By comparing the phenological stage of different forest stands, we can better understand the environmental factors that underpin the physiological processes involved in controlling seasonal development in trees. And over several years, we can use these data for understanding how climate might be affecting plants’ growing season. You can read more about the Canopy Phenology Activity here! And find out about the science behind these ideas here!

The Understorey Cover Activity allows us to compare the development of the forest canopy with how the flowering plants that live on the forest floor are growing.  These plants must match their development to both the seasonal weather conditions and the canopy above them. This ensures that they can grow with enough light for photosynthesis and that they are flowering and fruiting at a time when pollinators and seed dispersers are active.  You can read more about the Understorey Cover Activity here!

Research in plant physiological ecology as an inspiration for artists in Finland.

Since 2013, we have been working with Essi Kausalainen an artist from Helsinki and her colleagues to bring our research on plants to a fresh audience. This gives us the opportunity to make finding out about ongoing research in plant science interesting and accessible to an audience not exposed to these ideas everyday! Find out more about these workshops here!