Last five years, as of 01/11/2019:

A. Peer-reviewed scientific articles

  • Wang F, Robson TM, Casal JJ, Shapigozov A, Aphalo PJ. (2019) Contributions of cryptochromes and phototropins to stomatal opening through the day. Accepted in Functional Plant Biology.
  • Robson TM, Aphalo PJ. (2019) Transmission of ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared solar radiation to plants within a seasonal snow pack. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences. 18, 1963-1971
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  • Brelsford CC, Nybaken L, Kotilainen TK, Robson TM (2019) The influence of spectral composition on spring and autumn phenology in trees. Tree Physiology, 39, 925–950.  OSF Preprints
  • Benito-Garzón M, Robson TM, Hampe A. (2019) ΔTraitSDM: Species distribution models that account for local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity. New Phytologist. 222, 1757–1765
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  • Gárate-Escamilla H, Hampe A, Vizcaíno-Palomar N, Robson TM, Benito Garzón M. (2019) Range-wide variation in local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity of fitness-related traits in Fagus sylvatica and their implications under climate change. Global Ecol Biogeogr. 28, 1336–1350.  bioRxiv 513515; ; 00: 1–15.
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  • Seddon AWR, Festi D, Robson TM, Zimmerman B (2019) Fossil pollen and spores as a tool for reconstructing ancient solar-ultraviolet irradiance received by plants: an assessment of prospects and challenges using proxy-system modelling Accepted in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 18, 275-294.
  • Solanki T, Aphalo PJ, Neimane S, Hartikainen SM, Pieristè M, Shapiguzov A, Porcar-Castell JA, Atherton J, Heikkilä A, Robson TM (2019) UV-screening and springtime recovery of photosynthetic capacity in leaves of Vaccinium vitis-idaea above and below the snow pack. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 134, 40-52.
  • Ramírez-Valiente J-A, Aranda I, Sanchéz-Gómez D, Rodríguez-Calcerrada J, Valladares F, Robson TM (2019) Increased root investment can explain the higher survival of seedlings of ‘mesic’ Quercus suber than ‘xeric’ Quercus ilex during a summer drought. Tree Physiology 31, 64–75. tpy084
  • Brelsford CC, Morales LO, Nezval J, Kotilainen T, Hartikainen SM, Aphalo PJ, Robson TM (2019) Do UV-A radiation and blue light during growth prime leaves to cope with acute high-light in photoreceptor mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana? Physiologia Plantarum 165(3) 537-554
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B Authored & Edited Books

  1. Jansen MAK, Robson TM, Klem K, Urban O. (2017) UV-B induced morphological changes; an enigma. Chapter 5 in B Jordan. Plant UV Biology, CABI publishers, p 58-71.
  2. Barnes PW, Robson TM, Tobler MA, Bottger IN, Flint SD. (2017) Plant responses to fluctuating UV environments. Chapter 6 in B. Jordan. Plant UV Biology, CABI publishers, p 72-89.
  3. Aphalo PJ, Albert A, Robson TM, Kotilainen TK. (2016) R for Photobiology: Theory and recipes for common calculations. LeanPub, Helsinki, 9 August 2016

C. Published Databases

  1. Robson TM., Benito Garzón M., Cost e52 Beech Consortium (2018) BeechCOSTe52 Database.
  2. Hartikainen SM, Jach A, Grané A. Robson, TM. (2018) Spectral irradiance at Lammi Biological Station Research Forest 2015: For assessing scale-wise similarity of curves with a thick pen.
  3. Robson TM, Kotilainen TK. (2018) Transmittance of spectral irradiance by climate screens and nets used in horticulture and agriculture (Version 1.1.1) [Data set]. Zenodo.

D. Online Articles

  1. J. Aphalo, T. M. Robson and J. Piiparinen, (2016) How to check an array spectrometer,

E. Invited Articles and Commentaries

  1. Robson TM (2016) Interview with Steve Flint. UV4Plants Bulletin, 1, 11-16 DOI: 10.19232/uv4pb.2016.1.12
  2. Robson TM (2016) From the editors’ desk -Thoughts on the New Year (Editorial). UV4Plants Bulletin, 2 1-2.

F. Currently Under Review

  • Kotilainen T, Aphalo PJ, Brelsford CC, Böök H, Heikkilä A, Hernandez R, Kylling A, Lindfors AV, Robson TM. Geophysical factors affecting spectral photon ratios relevant for plant photobiology. Revised for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.
  • Pieristè M, Neimane S, Nybakken L, Solanki T, Jones AG, S, Forey E, Chauvat M, Ņečajeva J, Robson TM.  Ultraviolet radiation accelerates photodegradation under controlled conditions but slows the decomposition of leaf litter from forest stands in southern Finland. Revised for Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.
  • Gárate-Escamilla H, Brelsford CC, Hampe A, Robson TM, Benito Garzón M. Greater capacity to exploit warming temperatures in northern populations of European beech is partly driven by delayed leaf senescence. Submitted to Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.
  • Hartkainen SM, Pieristè M, Lassila J, Robson TM.  Seasonal patterns in spectral irradiance and leaf UV-A absorbance under forest canopies. Submitted to Frontiers in Plant Science.
  • Brelsford CC, Trasser M, Paris T, Hartikainen SM, Robson TM.  Understorey light quality influences leaf pigments and leaf phenology in different plant functional types. Submitted to Ecology
  • Pieristè M, Sahraoui AL-H, Meglouli H, Laruelle F, Delporte P, Forey E, Robson TM, Chauvat M. (2019) Sunlight affects the microbial functional structure of beech leaf litter. Submitted to Plant and Soil
  • Wang Q-W, Robson TM, Pieristè M, Oguro M, Oguchi R, Murai Y, Kurokawa H. (2019) Testing trait plasticity to the spectral composition of sunlight in forest understorey species differing in shade tolerance. Submitted to Ecology