Curriculum Vitae, Sept 2021

ROTKIRCH, Anna Ullica


Short bio. I am Research Professor and Director of the Population Research Institute at Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. I am also a Docent at the University of Helsinki, where I teach and provide thesis supervision, and have served as the governmental Rapporteur on demography.

In my research I aim to combine social and biological approaches to the study of human behaviour, promoting the integration of life history and life course theories in human behavioural sciences. Ongoing research focus on childbearing behaviour, and on couple relations in older age. I value science popularisation and regularly lecture for lay audiences and write newspaper columns.


Born 22.12.1966 in Finland. Citizenship: Finnish. Current residence: Helsinki, Finland.


2001     Title of Docent, University of Helsinki, August 2001.

2000     PhD in Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Social Policy, May 2000. Examiner: M.Burawoy, U of California, eximia cum laude approbatur.

1994     MA, Social Sciences, U of Helsinki, eximia cum laude approbatur.

1985     Finnish baccalaureate (6 laudatur), Helsingfors Svenska Normallyceum.


Swedish, fluent (native), Finnish, fluent (native), English, excellent, French, excellent, Russian, excellent.


Research Director, Research Professor, Population Research Institute, Väestöliitto, Finland. Employed by Väestöliitto, Finnish Family Federation since 1.1.2007, full-time position since 1.8.2010, professor since 2011


202021           Senior Advisor, Prime Minister’s Office, Demographic rapporteur, Finnish government,

201011         Academic visitor, Dept of Social Policy and Intervention, St John’s College, University of Oxford, UK

2007–09           Senior researcher, Population Research Institute, Väestöliitto

200406           University lecturer, Dept of Social Policy, U of Helsinki

200204           Research fellow, Collegium for Advanced Studies, U of Helsinki

2003                 Visiting scholar, IRESCO/CNRS, Paris, France, February-May 2003.

200102           Lecturer, Christina Institute for Women’s Studies, U of Helsinki

1995, 9701      Lecturer, Department of Social Policy, University of Helsinki

1998                  Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, U of Minnesota, USA,

199597           Academy Researcher, Academy of Finland

1994                  Researcher, University of Helsinki, 1.1.-31.12.94.


Parental leaves of around 12 months each in 1997, 2000 and 2005.


202024         The Network Dynamics of Ethnic Integration, co-PI for Finland, Nordforsk

20182022     Principal Investigator (PI) of Partnership and Family Dynamics in Old Age (LoveAge), Academy of Finland (481 900 €)

2019–   Country Leader for Gender and Generations Survey in Finland 2020/21

20162020     Country Leader for SHARE – Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, (wave 7 600 000 €)

20192020       PI of Digital Wellbeing in Families, Government Research Activities (200 000 €)

20122019       PI of Generational Transfers in Finland longitudinal surveys

20132017     PI of Linked Lives over the Life Course: A Dyadic Approach to Social Development, Academy of Finland MIND programme (570 521 €).

20172018       Co-PI of Living alone and wellbeing, Government Research Activities (80 000 €)

201316         Director of Finland’s contribution to FamiliesAndSocieties – Changing families and sustainable societies ESR SSH.2012.3.2.1 (152 260 € for Finland).

201214         PI of Precarious family formation. Youth and population dynamics in three world regions, Kone Foundation (252 500 €).

200408         PI of Fertility patterns and family forms – a comparative approach, Academy of Finland, (380 000 €).

200614           Senior researcher, Generational Transfers in Finland, Academy of Finland

200911           Senior researcher, Reproductive Behaviour in Contemporary Societies, Kone found.

MAIN RESEARCH OUTPUT, See publications page.


I have supervised 10 doctoral and 15 MA theses, PhD supervisions include

Miika Mäki, (2020-) Determinants and outcomes of family life histories in Europe
Mirkka Danielsbacka: Grandparental care in Finland and Europe (2016)
Hans Hämäläinen: Altruistic helping in Finland (2016)
Venla Berg: On the evolution of personality – Insights from contemporary Western humans (2016)
Antti Tanskanen: Impacts of grandparenting in contemporary Europe (2014)
Anna-Maria Isola: Public discourses on fertility in Russia, Finland and Estonia (2013)
Meri Larivaara: Reproductive medicine in St Petersburg (2012)
Päivi Mattila: Domestic labour relations in India (2011).

For research project direction, see selected financed grants above.


2021–23           Ledamot, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, beredningsgrupp 2 (demografi, sociologi,  psykologi)

202022           Working Group Member, Institute of Applied Systems Analysis Finland, Academy of Finland

2019–   Scientific Advisory Board Member, Espoon maahanmuuttajien vaikutustenarviointihanke

20152018       Vice President, Steering Committee, European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association

2015–18           Associate Editor, Frontiers in Sociology

2010–   Editor in Chief, Yearbook of Population Studies in Finland

200811           Scientific Advisory Board Member, Baltic and Eastern Europ Studies, Södertörn University


2020–21   Demographic rapporteur appointed by Prime Minister Sanna Marin

202021    Steering Group, Behavioural Insights Team, Prime Minister’s Office, Finland

2018–        Board member, University of Oulu

2009        Directory Board Member, Otto A.Malms donationsfond.

Under my direction, the Population Research Institute at Väestöliitto has gained excellent research output as well as high visibility in scientific popularisation, policy lobbying and media visibility, and Finland participated in two central European research infrastructures, Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement and Gender and Generation Programme which provide open access data to all scholars. Väestöliitto makes its Family Barometer and other surveys available for research.


I have twenty years of regular lecturing for professional, lay and academic audiences. I always enjoy teaching and interacting with my audience, my lecturing skills were evaluated with eximia cum laude (excellent) at the University of Helsinki in 2001. Currently I am regularly lecturing and supervising PhD and MA-theses at the University of Helsinki and have delivered guest lectures at other Finnish universities and abroad. My teaching experience also includes introductory lectures in social policy and family studies, courses in scientific writing, and MA research and methodological seminars.


I have examined 7 PhD theses, one Title of Docent position, and 6 PhD pre-examinations, including

2021     Alyce Raybould: ‘Disentangling the “fertility gap”: exploring the link between gendered division of labour and reproductive decision-making in high-income countries’. London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, UK.

2017     Juan Du: Family and group dynamics in a pastoralist society. University College London

2016     Sarah Myers: Evolutionary Approaches to Post-Natal Depression. University of Kent.

2016     Yuliya Hilevych: Strong Families and Declining Fertility. University of Wageningen.

2015      Trond Viggo-Grontvedt: Equal rights, equal minds? Evolutionary psychology in a gender equal society. Trondheim Technical Univesity.

2015     Zhanna Kravchenko, Evaluation of Title of Docent, Södertörn University

Responsible for organisation of large academic conferences:

2015   Chair, Organising Committee, Evolution Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Conference

2001   General Secretary, Organising Committee, European Sociological Association Conference

Referee duties include Journal of Marriage and Family, European Sociological Review, Acta Sociologica, Plos One, Psychology of Women Quaterly, Journal of Personality and Individual Development, Genus, Evolution and Human Behavior, Demographic Research, Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, Population Studies, Emotion, Sociology, European Societies, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, Tampere University Press, Janus, Sociologisk forskning, Gerontologia, European Journal of Women’s Studies, and others, recent reviewed articles are found on

Recent duties as expert for international funding bodies include ERC Advance Grant Proposals (2021), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (2021), US National Science Foundation (2015), ERC Norface, Welfare States Future Programme (2014), European University of St Petersburg professorship positions (2014).