Russian Media Lab Network in collaboration with Tampere Research Center for Russian and Chinese Media continue their joint initiative of Online talks on Russian Media in the third academic season.

Read more about Talks here. As usual, we meet every second Tuesday of a month in Zoom between 12:00 and 13:30 (Helsinki time).


September, 13: Vera Zvereva, Tatiana Romashko and Rasa Žakevičiūtė, University of Jyväskylä, “‘Russian World’ Next Door: Discourses of the Russian Political Communication and Cultural Diplomacy in Finland”. Read about this Online talk here.

October, 11: Svetlana Pasti, Tampere University, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through the prism of TV news around the world”

November, 8: Roman Horbyk, Örebro University, Towards the Mobile Phone Doctrine(s): Hybridization of Civilian and Military Uses of Mobile Communication in the Russo-Ukrainian War

December, 13: Mika Perkiömäki, University of Helsinki, “Mediating climate change and energy business in Yandex Novosti and Russian-language Google News before and after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”

February, 14: Varvara Preter, Ben Gurion University of the Negev “Pumpkin latte” controversy among Russian-language immigrants in Israel and beyond”

March, 14: Olga Solovyeva, Open University Business School (UK) “Digital authoritarianism and IT business in Russia: the case of Yandex”

April, 11: Sofya Glazunova, Queensland University of Technology, “Deplatforming RT and Sputnik during the 2022 war on Ukraine: A policy implementation audit in 10 countries”

May, 9: Daria Gritsenko, University of Helsinki, tba

Photo by Platon Matakaev on Unsplash

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