Chancellor Visits CSTT

Professor Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, visited CSTT on Monday 24 March. The Chancellor is, among other things, in charge of promoting research and the university’s social interaction, and it was in this capacity that he wanted to learn more about CSTT. 

Chancellor Wilhelmsson chatting with Martti Nissinen and Anneli Aejmelaeus

The event begun with an exchange of compliments: CSTT Director Martti Nissinen was extremely happy to welcome Chancellor Wilhelmsson for a visit and thanked him for his active interest in the research undertaken by CSTT. Chancellor Wilhelmsson on his behalf said that he has been very impressed with how the Centre has been run in such an organized way, and was looking forward to the presentations. Martti also expressed his gratitude to the University’s Research Services, who were represented at the event by Senior Advisor Taina Pierrier, for their continued support. Similar words of praise were also reserved for the host institute Faculty of Theology.

The audience concentrating on Martti’s presentation

The event continued with Martti’s half-an-hour presentation of the essentials of CSTT, after which the team leaders’ shorter presentations followed. The fruitful discussion after the presentations covered a wide range of issues, and CSTT received valuable comments and advice from Chancellor Wilhelmsson concerning for example internationalization and publication policy of the Centre.

Chancellor Wilhelmsson can be followed on Twitter: @ThomasWson