Your favourite dictator now also in English!

Welcome, English-speaking reader, to this international dimension of my blog.

I usually touch upon topics related to Finland, which makes Finnish a more convenient language. But now that I have a more general issue to write about, I decided to broaden the language base of my blog. I will apply this division (general – English; Finland-related – Finnish) also in the future; my English posts will be labelled with the tag (drumroll) ‘in English’.

For my no doubt immense international audience, a short introduction: I am a PhD candidate in political history at the University of Helsinki. In my dissertation, I study Finnish social policy NGOs as experts during the 1940s–1950s. I analyse how the associations have utilised their expertise in setting and influencing political agendas, i.e., in acting as political actors. I study these activities also as a process of constructing expertise and an expert status. My overall research interests include social policy and social policy history, gender history and conceptual history, among others.

If all goes according to plan, in 2018, I’ll be Sophy with a ph…d. I’m not even sorry. (H/T Stephen.)

The name of my blog translates to ‘If I were the dictator of the world’, which refers to this blog as a platform for me to express my universally superior views on topics related to social policy, social justice and inequality, (intersectional) feminism, etc. The world would obviously be a much better place if only the world population understood to hand over all power to me. I promise to be a really nice dictator.