Husserl Circle: June 11-12


The 46th Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle

Time: June 9-12, 2015, Helsinki
Venue: The House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, 5th floor, room 505


Subjectivity, Historicity, Communality (SHC) Research Network (University of Jyväskylä, University of Helsinki) and the Philosophical Society of Finland


Tentative program

Tuesday, June 9


10:00-10:15 Opening words by Mirja Hartimo and Sara Heinämaa

10:15–11:30     Thomas Hansberger (Marquette University): Two Arguments on Husserl and Externalism: Husserl’s Transcendental Critique of the Subject/Object Distinction

Commentator: Philipp Berghofer (University of Graz)

Chair: Mirja Hartimo

11:30–12:45    Lunch

12:45–14:00   Julia Jansen (University of Leuven): Husserl’s Notion of Deckungssynthese: A Radical Departure from Kant Commentator: Rosemary Rizo-Patrón de Lerner (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru)

Chair: Jussi Backman

14:00–15:15    Hanna Trindade Gonçalves (University of Minas Gerais): Temporality and Phantasy: The Role of Time in the Constitution of Imaginary Objects

Commentator: Ronald Bruzina (University of Kentucky)

Chair: Jussi Backman

15:15–15:45 Coffee 15:45-17:00 Virginie Palette (CNRS/ Ecole Normale Supérieure): The Normative Role of Types Perception: A Husserlian Proposal

Commentator:  Gediminas Karoblis (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Chair: Fredrik Westerlund


Wednesday, June 10

Consciousness, Understanding, Historicity

09:00–10:15   Invited Nordic Keynote

Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen): Communication and self-alienation

Chair: Sara Heinämaa

10:15–11:30 Michele Averchi (The Catholic University of America): Appropriation and Assimilation in Communication

Commentator: Witold Plotka (University of Gdansk)

Chair: Erika Ruonakoski

11:30–12:45 Lunch

12:45–14:00   Joona Taipale (University of Jyväskylä): Empathy and Typification

Commentator: Zachary Joachim (Boston University)

Chair: Mirja Hartimo

14:00–15:15 Dimitris Apostolopoulous (University of Notre Dame): Ricoeur, Husserl, And Poetic History

Commentator: Timo Miettinen (University of Helsinki)

Chair: Mirja Hartimo

15:15–15:45 Coffee

15:45–17:00  Lilian Allweiss (Trinity College Dublin): Self-Consciousness without an I

Commentator: Sara Heinämaa (University of Jyväskylä)

Chair: Joona Taipale

 Thursday, June 11 Truth and Logic

09:00–10:15  Bernhard Obsieger (Complutence University of Madrid): Husserl’s Transcendental Reduction and the Realm of Ontology

Commentator: Wenjing Cai (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Chair: Joona Taipale

10:15–11:30     Thomas III Byrne (University of Leuven): The Significance of the Hinweistendenz for Husserl’s Philosophy: Expression and Truth

Commentator: Simo Pulkkinen (University of Helsinki)

Chair: Joona Taipale

11:30–12:30 Lunch

12:30–13:45 Matteo Bianchin (University of Milano-Bicocca): Husserl on Meaning and Grammar
Commentator: Andrea Borsato (Independent Scholar)

Chair: Sara Heinämaa

13:45–15:00   Stefania Centrone (University of Oldenburg): On the Shoulders of Leibniz and Bolzano: Early Husserl on the Mathesis Universalis

Commentator: Mirja Hartimo (University of Jyväskylä) / Jairo da Silva (São Paulo State University)

Chair: Sara Heinämaa

(Coffee served during the discussion)

15:00–17:00 Book Session

Essays on Gödel’s Reception of Leibniz, Husserl, and Brouwer (Springer, 2015).

Commentator: Dermot Moran (University College Dublin)

Author’s response: Mark van Atten (CNRS, Paris-Sorbonne University)

The Origin of the Logic of Symbolic Mathematics, Edmund Husserl and Jacob Klein (Indiana, 2011).

Commentator: Claudio Majolino (University of Lille)

Author’s response: Burt Hopkins (Seattle University)

Chair: Mirja Hartimo

Friday June 12

Modes of Intentionality and the Kantian Background

9:00–10:45 Intentionality and Significance

George Heffernan (Merrimack College): Thinking of Jupiter: An Essay on the Phenomenological Concept of Intentionality in Husserl’s Fifth Logical Investigation

Dermot Moran (University College Dublin): Human Beings as Sense-Givers and Apprehenders in a Significant World

Chair: Sara Heinämaa

10:45–12:00   Corijn Van Mazijk (University of Groningen): Between Perception and Judgment: Husserl’s Type and Kant’s Schema Commentator: Carlos Lobo (University of Caen Lower Normandy)

Chair: Simo Pulkkinen

12:00–13:15 Lunch

13:15–14:30 Andrea Cimino (Boston College): Reality Beyond Illusion: A Phenomenological Account of  Veridical and Deceptive Perceptions

Commentator: Fredrik Westerlund (University of Helsinki)

Chair: Simo Pulkkinen

14:30–15:00 Coffee

15:00–16:15  John Drummond (Fordham University): Husserl, Buck-Passing, and Fitting-Attitude Theories of Value Commentator:  Molly Flynn (Assumption College)

Chair: Mirja Hartimo

16:15–17:00 Business Meeting

Organization committee:

Mirja Hartimo, Sara Heinämaa, Joona Taipale, Simo Oinas, and Tuukka Brunila

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