Postdoctoral Researchers

Backman, Jussi
Björk, Ulrika
Lehtinen, Virpi Päivikki
Miettinen, Timo
Poleshchuk, Irina
Ruonakoski, Erika
Taipale, Joona

“Within its research fields, the [research community] has influenced in particular the phenomenological understanding of intersubjectivity, embodiment, and gender. At present it seeks to explore four areas: contemporary “crises” of reason; challenges to political life and communality; problems of birth, life, mortality; and questions concerning education and learning.
The research agenda is well formulated in that it combines focus and flexibility. The research is characterized by high quality and high academic significance. It is also innovative. The effort to apply philosophical resources to the analysis and understanding of topical problems – combining a transcendental and an empirical approach – is promising.” The Panel for the International Evaluation of Research and Doctoral Training at the University of Helsinki 2005-2010

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