Principal Investigators

Project leader

Sara Heinämaa

Principal investigators

Mirja Hartimo
Juha Himanka
Kristian Klockars
Susanna Lindberg 
Mika Ojakangas
Sergei Prozorov
Anna Martina Reuter

A principal investigator at the University of Helsinki is typically a person who i)
steers and leads research independently, ii) has completed an applicable doctoral
degree and become qualified as an independent researcher, iii) has access to the
necessary resources (facilities, funding, equipment) for independent research, iv)
supervises doctoral students and/or mentors post-doctoral researchers as well as
(in applicable research fields) leads a research group, and v) is placed on the third
or fourth level in the hierarchy of research positions.


Professor Sara Heinämaa delivering a talk at Materialities and Materlialisms in Contemporary Thought, University of Helsinki, June 14, 2013.



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