Thank you for your participation in the twin conference SMIA XI / X
Meeting on Stratigraphy in Helsinki. We hope that your stay was
comfortable and that you enjoyed the lectures and discussions as much as
we did.

In Helsinki we had some talk about a suitable way of publishing the
conference proceedings. We have now successfully started to negotiate
with MASF (Monographs of the Archaeological Society in Finland). MASF is
a prestigious peer-reviewed open access-publication which is published
principally as an online version. You can see the previous volumes of

Since we decided to opt for a high standard publication series, all
submitted manuscripts will go through a normal anonymous peer-review
-process. The editors of the volume will be Mikael A. Manninen (Univ. of
Oslo). Petro Pesonen (Finnish National Board of Antiquities), Kati Salo
(Univ. of Helsinki), Liisa Seppänen (Univ. of Turku) and Kristiina
Mannermaa (Univ. of Helsinki/Archaeological Society of Finland).

If you are interested in publishing your paper in our conference
proceedings, we would kindly ask you to acknowledge your interest to
Kristiina Mannermaa
(kristiina.mannermaa (at) by January 31, 2016.

The deadline for the articles is May 31, 2016. 

Scientific Committee for SMIA

The participants of the Helsinki XI Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology decided to re-establish the SMIA Nordic Committee.
The first committee members (in alphabetical order) are:

Dr. Laura Arppe, Laboratory of Chronology, Finnish Museum of Natural History (Finland)

Prof. Kerstin Lidén, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University (Sweden)
Dr. Kristiina Mannermaa, Department of Archaeology, University of Helsinki (Finland)
Prof. Wolfgang Neubauer, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute ArchPro (Austria)
Dr. Per Persson, Cultural Historical Museum, University of Oslo (Norway)
Dr. Felix Riede, Aarhus University Moesgård, Department of Archaeology (Denmark)
It was also agreed that the committee can invite more members.