Keynote speakers

Professor Eske Willeslev, Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum of Denmark

Eske Willerslev is the director of Centre of Excellence in GeoGenetics and the National CryoBank and Sequencing Facility, and an internationally recognised researcher in the fields of ancient DNA, DNA degradation, and evolutionary biology.

Dr Göran Tagesson, National Historical Museums (SHMM), Sweden, Linköping

Göran Tagesson is a researcher of medieval and post-medieval towns and a field-archaeologist working at Archaeological Excavation Department in SHMM. His research interests include urban and historical archaeology, stratigraphy, anthropology, social identities, material culture and artefact studies.

Professor Kerstin Lidén, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University

Kerstin Lidén is the Head of the Department of archaeology and classical studies at Stockholm University, and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. She specializes in the analysis of dietary patterns using stable isotopes and aDNA.

Professor emeritus Högne Jungner, Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS), University of Helsinki, Finland

Högne Jungner is the long-term director of the Chronology Laboratory at the Finnish Museum of Natural History. He has developed particularly the C14-dating techniques, and has been involved with SMIA conferences from the very beginning.