Guest lectures 26.9 and 3.10

Group Lotta Laurikainen, Hiroe Ryosho, Kyllikki Kosunen and Petra Nurmi (writer). I will briefly write what our group discussed about three guest lectures.

First guest lecture was about racial categorization in school interaction. In our group we discussed about difficulties at teaching situation. It must be challenging to try to control so many children.  It is much challenging if the teacher doesn’t know what is correct way to address. That is why teacher education should focus more to issues about racism. It really should be clear to teacher after university education to know how to handle different situations.

Jenni Helakorpi lecture about Roma people research was important because it forced really think, what to teach about minorities to children and what stereotypes can follow some minorities for centuries. What parents transfer to their children and why?

Ann Phoenix at her lecture about intersectionality mentioned one thing, what really started conversation in our group. That was the fact that it matters much to what country, from where you are moving. Why people coming from Pakistan do well in some countries and in Norway they don’t. What are the reasons?

Also the things what cause inequalities: increasing costs of education and increasing accreditation and economic value were under discussion. Higher education is only for some, probably also in future.

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