Jukka Rantala, Professor

jukka.rantala[at]helsinki.fi Publications

Jukka Rantala is a professor of History and Social Studies Education. His PhD thesis in 1997 dealt with the attempted political purges of Finnish teachers after the Second World War. Rantala has been working as a teacher educator since 1991. In the field of history education, he has carried out research on young Finns’ historical thinking and the historical consciousness of children. In the history of education, his main focus has been on the formation of Finnish teacherhood and the political ethos of Finnish teachers. He has published six scientific monographs in Finnish, treating topics of consuming history, the historical consciousness of young children, and the political orientation of Finnish teachers, among others. He has been an editor for several academic anthologies. He is also a nonfiction author, having published textbooks and teaching material for comprehensive school and university.