Call for Abstracts: Feminist Takes on Post-Truth Politics (15 April 2021)

This Special Issue of Philosophy and Social Criticism solicits essays that address the politics of (post-)truth as a distinctive matter of concern for feminist philosophy. It will explore the embodiment of truth in truth-tellers and in material practices and will highlight the dual values of contesting the given order and striving to create a common world.

Given the ways in which post-truth undermines the conditions for democratic thinking and action and diminishes practices of truth-telling, it seems crucial that feminist philosophers address both the phenomena and discourses of post-truth in order to take up the crisis, catastrophe, and possibilities of contemporary reality.

We anticipate contributions from multiple perspectives including those of decolonial studies, democratic theory, critical phenomenology, and new materialism, and making use of figures as varied as Arendt, Foucault, Rancière, Mouffe, Latour, Haraway, Ahmed, Guenther, Brown, Honig, Hill Collins, Zerilli, among others.

The Deadline for abstracts is 15 April 2021. For more detailed information, kindly consult the full call here. The Special Issue editors Catherine Koekoek (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Emily Zakin (Miami University) can be contacted at