The suggested data to use with the exercises is the European Social Survey Round 4. Since the
data file is quite large, it is suggested that one uses only a subset of the
data while doing the exercises, for example, only Finnish data. The data files
are available as free downloads from the ESS
after a quick registration.

How to Obtain a Copy of the Course Data

  1. Download the Finnish data
  2. see some documentation
  3. Go to the European Social Survey homepage.
  4. Click “New User” on the left-hand navigation bar. Note that the registration form uses faulty code, and the form labels are visible only with Internet Explorer 6.0.
  5. Fill in the form, and click “Register”.
  6. Go to ESS round 2 data download page, and select the country data you wish to use on this course from the drop-down list. The default subset is for Finland.
  7. Download the SPSS file by clicking on the SPSS icon on the country file row.
  8. At this point, enter the email address you just registered with as your username.
  9. Save the data to your course folder.
  10. Next, download the Variables and questions list and the Variable list which you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the survey data.

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