Soil guidance group meeting minutes from 27.10.2017

Present: Mari Pihlatie (chair), Antti-Jussi Kieloaho, Terhi Rasilo, Janne Korhonen, Xuan Zhou, Heidi Aaltonen, Bartek Adamczyk, Maiju Kosunen, Nandita Rajan, Donggyu Kam, Mari Mäki, Kajar Köster, Kristine Ribeiro, Liisa Kulmala, Kira Ryhti, Minna Santalahti, Laura Matkala, Teemu Paljakka, Tommy Chan

Short round

  • General introduction of what people are working with to introduce topics and people to everyone.
  • Mari P. (Academy fellow, ERC grant, forests and CH4 balance), Xuan (microbial biomass, arctic soils), Heidi (Carbon cycling, arctic fire -project), Maiju (bark beetles), Nandita (MSc student, starting N2O & N2 modelling), Donggyu (role of fire distribution…), Mari M. (VOC exchange of soils), Kajar Köster (disturbances and biogeochemical processes –group leader; planning and applying funding for campaign in Canada 2018), Kristine Ribeiro (new PHD student, BOREALFIRE project), Liisa (C cycling in forest ecosystems, SMEAR II station), Kira (1st year PhD student; fine roots in whole-tree carbon balance), Minna (PhD student, microbiologist, writing thesis & finalizing last paper; fungal diversity in boreal forest), Laura (PhD student, Värriö sub-arctic station; nutrient cycling, P & ground vegetation, CO2 effluxes), Teemu (4th year PhD student, water and sugar transport in whole-tree system), Tommy (post-doc, stem CO2 exchange setup, aerosols)

Kira Ryhti: AGFOREE 5-min test presentation

Discussions on group future

  • meeting every 2nd week, Kajar Köster helping to organize / chair the meetings
  • scientific presentations every week: take responsibility to present your results / ideas
  • presenting and sharing problems & how to solve them, e.g. how to draw figures, use of statistics, programming tricks => Mari will open a google dogs to collect ideas for problems
  • remember that showing a graph is great, your presentation does not need to be polished (rather not J)

Runopiiri, writing club

  • positive ideas, going to a nice place and focusing on writing
  • no discussions in the big room, separate rooms for closed discussions among the people
  • team: Mari P, Kira, Pannu (Janne Korhonen)

Group email list:


Next meeting 17.11.2017

Kira Ryhti, possibly Markku Koskinen (new Post-doc in Mari’s group)


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