SOIL GUIDANCE GROUP 5.1.2018 @12:30

Dear all,

Our next soil guidance group meetings is tomorrow 5.1. @Metsätieteiden talo, 12:30-13:30 in room 332.


-short round

-Mari Mäki presents new results on soil BVOCs

-INAR poster discussion

-other information (meetings etc.)

Note also Janne’s email:

Thanks for those who have sent the requested information! For the others, please send it me and Mari. At the moment, “send 1-2 research questions / ideas / research themes to present in the poster: think big and aim at selling your/our topic to the atmospheric scientists” is the most urgent task.

If needed, we can arrange a photo-shoot for those who need a more recent picture (me or perhaps Kira can help with this).



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